Online booking solutions

Take control over your facilities!

All kinds of accommodation facilities can offer online booking, so whether you offer just one room, a few appartments, own a hotel or a boat charter, you can take advantage of a booking system as a targeted business innovation.

What can we offer

Exclusive design

An appearance that will present your facilities with style and appeal, attracting customers with the best you got to offer, but also allowing them to navigate woth ease and book with just a few clicks.

Booking calendar

Providing your web site with a booking calendar will allow your customers to select dates, plan ahead and get the most up-to date information, while allowing you to manage bookings and plan your renting schedule.

Bookings archive

Keeping track of all past booking can help you detect trends, identify returning customers and prepare your renting season with statistically aided precision. This way you’ll be able to secure most bookings while providing a dynamic pricing scheme that both you and your clients will benefit from.

Payment gateway

Adding a payment gateway to your booking website will enable you to provide a full service, with no intermediary and no hidden costs. Take control of your bookings and secure your reservations with easy and safe credit card advance payments, while allowing your clients to book fastly, on site and with the flexibility of choosing their most convenient payment method.

Internet marketing

After your online booking website has been set up to meet all your requirements and present your facilities in the best possible way, its time to advertise. We can take care of all your online marketing through GoogleAds, content and social network marketing, but can also advise you on the best strategy and the kind of content you should create. Or we can take care of all your content and marketing allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of doing business online.


No matter how much thought has gone in design and development, there’s always something that can go wrong, as the web is an ever changing, dynamic environment. If that’s the case, we are ready to provide you with full support on server-side problem solving, product updates and advice on new functionalities, so that your system is always up and running and secure.

Who are Krea’s booking system intended for?

Renters, charters, hotels, but also restaurants and apartments can benefit from an online booking system that allows clients to secure their accommodation easily and fastly.

Many more tourists choose to arrange their holidays by themselves, with the aid of an ever growing number of online services providing information but also accommodation booking. Offering your visitors the possibility to book online means offering a simple and fast way to perform reservations, increasing the number of people who will choose you for their stay. But apart from the benefits gained by your potential clients, your business can benefit from a booking system as well, as it helps you to track requests and reservations, respond in real time and organise your activity in the most efficient way.