Ready to sell Online?

Find out Krea’s web shop solutions for going global with no fuss.

We create stunning and trendy online stores to help you grow your business success!

What can we offer

Top notch design

A web shop with modern looks, suited for all devices (responsive design), that will present your products or services in the best possible way, while easing the buying process for your customers.

Magento web shop

Solutions coded using Magento e-commerce system can adapt to your specific business needs, adopting design and functionalities developed to your specs.

Payment gateway

Additionally to standard paying methods (i.e. bank transfers), your web shop can function with credit card online payment through a secure payment gateway, providing your clients with a fast and easy way to purchase.


A web shop that can connect to your existing ERP system, providing your online customers with the most up-to-date price and availability data.

Internet marketing

Web pages optimized for search engines (SEO), Google AdWord campaigns and optimized content creation (Content marketing)

Business support

After publishing your web shop we’ll be at your side, ready to perform changes, updates, help you with clarifications and the solutions to potential problems

What will your web shop allow you to do?

With Krea’s web shop your business can fly!

Apart from providing a fast and easy way to purchase, while being “open” 24-7, a web shop is a great way to present your products as well. Showcasing your products through an easily editable catalogue, provided with pictures, prices, descriptions, and ready to present your special offer items, is the best way for your clients to notice you. And once orders start to come in, resolving and tracking them is easy, making your web shop a real time saver.

A vast range of marketing tools and statistics will allow you to target your ads and plan ahead.
Your web shop is thus transformed in a tool for efficient advertising, informing clients, business network creation - a tool that will transform the way you do business.