Internet marketing

Let everyone know you’re out there!

Transform all your investments in online presentation into a lucrative business or use it to its full potential to let your clients know you’re out there. We are ready to lead you into the world of advertising online, through a set of steps that will optimize your website, customize your campaigns, create unique content and follow the results of our joint effort.

What can we do for you

SEO-ready websites

We create websites that are ready for handling your online advertising. Designed and developed by the book, our sites are built keeping in mind the user through the implementation of usability and accessibility standards, but also minding the code, so our html and css are always up-to-date and optimized. And so is our content management system, which will allow you to update your content and advertise your products and services.

Google AdWords

We create AdWords campaigns for businesses or products that will allow you to reach your targeted customers instantly. We will set up your campaigns, research your market and possibilities, follow the results and report to you what we have gained.

Keyword research

The right type, amount and relevance of keywords and keyphrases on your website is the basis for starting competing for the highest result on search engines. That’s why a thorough keyword and keyphrases research is a must for all online marketing activities. We can perform this task for you, suggesting you a set of optimal keywords, that can later be used to optimise your website content and your online marketing campaigns.

Content marketing

A website with little or no optimised content does not fulfill its full potential, that’s why we offer you content planning and copywriting services tailored for your business and it’s goals. Keeping in mind your targeted keywords, your personality and your clients’ profile, we can create compelling and well written content that will perform well on search engines, but will also be read by your website’s visitors.

Social media

With the emergence of new social networks and the improvement of their features, it can be hard to devise successful tactics for your social media marketing campaigns. That’s why a social media strategy is the key to your success, allowing you to choose the social network suited for your business, campaign’s flow, targets and funds. Let us advise you on your social media strategy, create your ads on networks like Facebook and promote your business on the platforms most used by your potential clients.

Banner and flyer design

We can deliver eye-catching graphic designs for your ads, whether for the web or to be printed. We can adapt your branding and design features to create banners and online ads that will present you in the most efficient way, or we can readapt your online persona for the print medium, by designing flyers, business cards, envelopes and so on.